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Body Balancers

Take time out from your busy life.
Put yourself in our healing hands and together we will calm your mind, relax your body and soothe your soul.

Deep KiYara Bodywork – 60mins/90mins/120mins
Deep work through the layers of soft tissue to relieve chronically-held stress and improve general circulation, combined with gentle stretching to increase range of motion

Balancing Massage – 60mins/90ins/120mins
A combination of holistic massage techniques with focus on breathing to calm and anchor the mind, while relaxing the body

Caribbean Comforter Hot Stone Massage – 75mins

A massage with warm river-tumbled volcanic island stones to induce a deep sense of relaxation

Vital Reflexology – 60 mins
A full rebalancing and stress-relieving treatment for the body through specific massage to pressure points on the feet and hands

Mother to be Massage – 50 mins
Nurturing and relaxing for the mother-in-waiting, as she in turn nurtures her baby. Eases the various discomforts experienced at this time, while helping to prevent stretch mark

KiYara Rituals Body Care

Drawing on the healing herbal traditions of the island, our Tropical Body Rituals are combinations of exfoliation, masks, wraps and massages treating the skin with natural anti-oxidants and the freshest plant enzymes. Our treatments are rich in nourishing plant oils and butters, along with herbs long prized for their therapeutic benefits, each treatment, which is custom-blended for each client, is a blissful sensory experience. 

KiYara Signature Treatments

Coconut Cocoon – 90 mins
A delightful, nutty tropical treat which nourishes and replenishes the skin with enriched blends made from local organically-grown coconuts

Aloe-Mint Skin Soother – 60mins
Cooling and calming for sun-stressed skin, this anti-inflammatory treatment also drenches dry skin with high levels of nutrient rich moisture

Ocean Revitalizer – 75mins
Captures the benefits of the sea in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. Clears and tones the skin, while helping to eliminate toxins

Facial Care

Time to put your best face forward.
The face is the mirror of the mind. Let us turn back the hands of time and help ease away any lines of stress, or environmental damage. Only the purest natural ingredients and gentlest techniques are used to enhance the delicate facial skin in all our facial treatments.

Balancing Noni Facial – 60 mins

This incredibly balancing plant, with its renowned healing and anti-oxidant properties helps protect and maintain the skin’s elasticity and youthfulness

Radiant Glow Aroma Facial – 60mins
Captures the benefits of the sea in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. Clears and tones the skin, while helping to eliminate toxins

Nature Pure Botanical Facial – 60mins
Our gentlest facial, recommended for sensitive skin, and those in need of deep hydration. Fresh whole plant blends and extracts cleanse, calm and renew stressed skin

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10% Cliff Savings (Non-Refundable)

10% Cliff Savings (Non-Refundable)

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The Cliff Best Available Rate

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Gourmet Getaway

Gourmet Getaway

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